Anak-anak adalah pendorong untuk aku terus melangkah kedepan, mengharungi onak dan duri. Kerana mereka aku masih bertahan dan akan terus menyayangi mereka selama-lamanya.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Life is like looking at the stars
Sparkling, shinning and smiling
And there is happiness
Comes along the way,

Life is like looking at the strong storm
World full of darkness and fear
And there comes worries
And sadness fills your emptiness.

Life is like watching a funny movie
There is laughers and fun
There is happiness and joy
And you don’t want to let them go

And sometimes
Life is like gambling
Sometimes you win
Sometimes you loose
A mixed feeling fills your heart
And wish you never been born!

Life must go on
Be it rainy days
Be it shinny days
Be strong and mould your hopes and worries into a ball
There goes life
Rolling, rolling and rolling like the ball
Life must go on
Even though sometimes life sucks!

Alor Gajah, Malacca
August 2009

My love for you

My love for you
Cannot be measured even by the depth of the ocean
Even the number of the stars can be counted
Even if you can catch the breath of wind
My love for you is as big as God's creation.

My Angels
You mean everything to me
Even all of you is not around me
Your laughers and your hugs
Always around me
To cheer me up
To keep my rainbows colourful and bright
To strengthen my feet on the ground
To move further
In this world full of sadness.

My Angels...
Even though my words seldom reach all of you now
My prayers are always for all of you
Your names always reach God's door
To get his blessings, guidance, love and forgiveness
If one day HE call me
Continue my prayers
For I need your love and strength
To continue my journey in the different world

Just remember
As long as I still can see the sun shines
and the moon fades away
My love is all for you
My five Angels...

august 2009